What are the use of wood flooring

<p>1, noise insulation, wood flooring material is hard, meticulous wood fiber structure, low thermal conductivity, heat and sound barrier effect, than cement, tiles and steel.<a href="http://woodfloorforsale.com/wood-floor/wood-floor/2616.html">outdoor interlock composite decks</a></p>

<p>2, adjust the humidity of wood properties of solid wood flooring is that the climate is dry, release the internal water timber; climate is humid, the wood will absorb moisture in the air. Wood floors by absorbing and releasing moisture to indoor air humidity adjusted to the body of the most comfortable level. Scientific research shows that long-term residential huts, you can extend the life of an average of 10 years.</p>

<p>3, cool, winter, wood flooring tiles plate surface temperature than the plate surface temperature is high 8 ℃ ~ 10 ℃, people walking on the wooden floor without coldness; summer, wood flooring than the tiled room temperature the room temperature is low 2 ℃ ~ 3 ℃.<a href="http://woodfloorforsale.com/wood-floor/wood-floor/2641.html">wood plastic composites selling data</a></p>

<p>4, green friendly wood flooring from the original timber forest wood flooring Guangzhou, the use of non-volatile wearable paint coating, to paint from wood species are green friendly wood flooring prices, unlike the tiles have radiation, but also unlike laminate flooring formaldehyde, is the only ground harmless natural green building materials.</p>

<p>5, beautiful and noble, solid wood flooring material from the high-grade hardwood wood floors, beautiful wood board, elegant decor, is the first choice for high-income families build.</p>

<p>6, durable, most varieties of wood flooring, hard dense material, anti-termite corrosion resistance, normal life can last up to a few decades or even centuries.<a href="http://woodfloorforsale.com/wood-floor/wood-floor/2699.html">wpc foam board in india</a></p>