Protection of home decoration
<p>1, the maintenance of wood flooring: wood flooring in the use of hard not to let the heavier objects fall or percussion, moving furniture when not to push and pull on the floor, indoor best not to wear high-heeled shoes, hard, soft-soled shoes should be based. Face paint on wood flooring pay attention to maintenance, you can add a layer on top of a regular floor wax, wipe with a dry cloth. Usually cut with water when cleaning the floor hasty, preferably with a vacuum cleaner, dirty places available wrung damp cloth to wipe a little. Wooden flooring is natural wood, a long time due to tidal erosion, there may be localized color black phenomenon, as more serious, then the black part of the available oxalic acid will appear washed, and then paint on a layer of lacquer table. Long service life of wood floors, a gap or paint peeling, you can rearrange the floor in turn arranged tight, smooth the surface with sandpaper, and then on to protect the paint, the old floor has a new look.<a href="">wood plastic composite suppliers in ireland</a></p>
<p>2, plastic floor cleaning and maintenance: the normal daily life should pay attention to the following points:
1) generally use plastic flooring adhesives with the ground paste, it usually should be careful not to allow water to seep into the seams between the plastic floor should be covered with protective material in a brown leather like plastic on the kitchen floor, in order to protect the plastic floor from oil flooding damage.<a href="">wood plastic composites selling data</a></p>
<p>2) plastic floor stained with dirt, use a sponge dipped in detergent to clean water. Children should not use a stiff brush to clean and sweep Lan etc. Because a lot of these things will be left in the low hardness of plastic floor; "scratches, which scratches easily retained dirt, said long-f3 dirtier the more clear.<a href="">wpc foam board in india</a></p>
<p>3) If the plastic floor accidentally glue □ other sticky dirt absolutely gum, etc., can slightly alkaline cleaning agent soak Chak, allowed since left foot 3 off. Or use chopsticks head cloth to wipe, but not too hard, so as not to leave scratches on the floor.</p>