General About charring wood

<p>Carbonized wood known as physical "wood preservative," said, also known as heat-treated wood. From Europe, the use of more than 10 years of history, the past five years carbonized wood from northern Europe into China, because of its superior performance is different from ordinary wood, and more environmentally friendly, so favored by the users.<a href="">wood plastic deck,wood plastic fence</a></p>

<p>Charring wood refers to superheated steam 160 ℃ --- 230 ℃ pyrolysis of wood for a long time been treated wood. After the high temperature treatment of carbonized wood texture prominent, luxurious colors and wood aroma, is distinguished decoration materials.<a href="">composite decking vs wood price comparison</a></p>

<p>Depth of charring wood preservative safety and environmental protection, environmental protection is completely free of any preservatives or chemical additives, wood preservative pest control, pest control function has good preservative, no special smell, couplings, metal parts without any side effects, easy to absorb water, moisture low, is not cracking wood. Resistant to moisture, easily deformed, good processing performance, to overcome the shortcomings of the product surface fluff, the complete degreasing, coating convenience, and consistent color inside and outside, soft silk-like pan-glossy, texture becomes clearer, feel comfortable, Excellent moisture-proof timber.</p>

<p>Depth of charring wood preservative (referred carbonized wood / carbonized wood) superior performance make it a very wide field of use for sauna and bath, decorative wall panels, floor swimming pool, garden pieces, garden furniture.<a href="">wpc outdoor floor Manufacturers</a></p>